Information for IT Managers


We are aware of It system managers responsibilities. It's worth to know about software producer approach to quality matters before choosing it. In PCLOGGER Team we take the data security matters into account. That's the reason the biggest Polish companies and Offices had trust us.

Features that create PCLOGGER security:

  • szyfrowanie SSL - Security audit performed by the PoznaƄ Supercomputing and Networking Center - we clearly declare the level of information obtained by our software. The audit of an independent scientific unit confirms that PCLOGGER collects only meta-data without the content of specific activities. This means that it is impossible to obtain logins or passwords typed using the monitored devices. PCLOGGER is safe.
  • SSL - all PCLOGGER connection with services are encrypted. We use 443 port to communicate so most firewalls dont block it.
  • standard tier3 standard iso - PCLOGGER Cloud Services are purchased from the best provider in that area - Microsoft. For Polish region servers are placed at Amsterdam (Holland). All data has backups. Microsof Azure services security level can be compared to Tier 3.
  • Uptime ~100% - the level of our services availability is more than 99%. You can chceck uptime level at the site ServiceUptime (click).
  • Code security certification - PCLOGGER is in the process of getting code security certificate, which guarantees that apllication can't be used in other ways than Eleet Sp. z o.o. define.
  • Certified staff - at Eleet Sp. z o.o. we pay attention to who we hire. Our staff has PRINCE2, ITIL and SCRUM certificates.

Features for IT

We understand IT Managers because most of us are them. That's the reason we created some features especially for you.

  • active directory - we provide installer for Active Directory that can distribute our software with respect to GPO policies. Thanks to it we could install thousands of computers even during one day.
  • On-premises Server
  • - for organisation that can't use cloud we prepared an on-premises solution. We provide pre-configured Virtual Machine with enviroment (IIS, database, system services).
  • Database views
  • - for database administrators we developed views that will help you verify matters at everyday IT work faster than ever.
  • Hardware information - you won't need any additional software for hardware inventory. PCLOGGER will do it for you. We provide serial numbers and system date from computers with our software. You will get it from us for free!

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