Video manuals

1. Creating an PCLOGGER account

  • Go to a website and click Try free demo
  • Enter your mail address and password to create an PCLOGGER account.
  • Check your mail. Click the activation link. Well done! You will be redirected to your PCLOGGER admin panel.

2. PCLOGGER installation

  • Download 32 or 64-bit version from your PCLOGGER admin panel.
  • During installation choose the best option for you. If you start using PCLOGGER chooseOn Cloud.  If you want hidden mode - select it!
  • After about 20 minutes you will see the first data at PCLOGGER admin panel.

3. PCLOGGER unistalling

  • You can unistall PCLOGGER from Control Panel only if you choosen PCLOGGER visible mode.
  • To uninstall PCLOGGER hidden mode - start PCLOGGER installer and chooseUnistall option.
  • You can also download uninstaller Click to download an PCLOGGER unistaller and simply run it