Frequently Asked Questions


PCLOGGER - what is it?

PCLOGGER is a software service that collects data about activities while working with computer. PCLOGGER record each installed user activities at each application and website she/he use. We state that user is "active" when during 2 minutes she/he used keyboard or mouse to interact with app/website.

Is it a hardware spylogger or just soft?

PCLOGGER is not a spylogger. It shows very accurate monitored user activities but all within the limits permitted by law.

Is using PCLOGGER to monitor employees permitted by law?

Yes. At the countries where PCLOGGER is distributed (Germany, France, Great Britain, Poland) it can be legally used.

Employees had the right to keep theirs correspondence private. PCLOGGER doesn't collect the data about what is employee writing.

If you have questions - feel free to message ours lawyers using contact form.

Is PCLOGGER secure?

Yes. If your company secure policy doesn't allow to use Cloud Services you can choose On-premises. All connections between devices are encrypted with latest technology solutions.

How to keep users privacy?

PCLOGGER can be installed as hidden or visible. Hidden mode - program starts and shuts down with system and the user don't see any track of it. Visible mode provide quick efficiency and worktime preview (from taskbar). User also can pause the monitoring at visible mode installation.

Why should I choose PCLOGGER?

We are the technology for companies efficiency leaders. Our solution is both comprehensive and adaptable. We have clear strategic goals and we keep developing. Our partnership can last for years.

Could I test PCLOGGER?

Yes. We offer 14-days test (full version).

Where can I check the results?

The results are available at admin panel You can log in using e-mail and password you enter at registration process.

Do the e-mail has to be from specific domain?

No, program doesn't have such requirements.


What are the system requirements

To enter the admin panel you only need an updated web browser. The devices on which PCLOGGER will be installed should have OS, Win XP, SP 3+ system (Vista, 7, 8, 8.1) and use .NET Framework 4.0 or newer.

How to start using PCLOGGER?

You should register (click Try free demo) by entering e-mail address and password and download the installer from admin panel you can log in after confirming e-mail.More details

What I need to install PCLOGGER.

Download installer fromadmin panel, run it and enter your e-mail and pin you received (via e-mail).

What PIN number do?

After registration you will receive via email your PIN number. You will need it during installation.


How does on-premises work?

That option require you to have own server on which all organisation data will be stored and processed. We provide server software (backend, data base).

What are server requirements?

Server with 2gb RAM and 2 cores is able to handle obout 500 employees at the same time. When it comes to disc space - 100 GB for every 100 employees (for year).

What system and database are need?

Windows with IIS (Internet Information Services) + MS SQL

Does server need to be local?

Server can be remote - you have only to provide communication between server and devices with PCLOGGER. That communication can be one-way and doesn't need to be continuous.

Does the PCLOGGER have to be installed on every device separately?

Instalation can be done with one clik from administrator level. We provide preconfigured "machine" which is to be implemented at client environment. From Active Directory you can install PCLOGGER remotely to all devices.

Which PCLOGGER version should I install on server?

All you need is installer from our site (32 or 64 bit).

What about PCLOGGER updates?

Updates are provided - we send link to updated version and you install it.

PCLOGGER application

Is that a program or a service?

From the 'IT side' PCLOGGER run as a 'software service'.

Can PCLOGGER be seen at Windows processes view?

PCLOGGER run as a 'service'. Whether it will be seen by user or not is up to which installation ode you choose. Visible mode - user/ employee see the PCLOGGER. Hidden mode - PCLOGGER starts and stops with system and user don't see it.

Where is my data stored?

Data from Cloud services are stored at Microsoft Data Centers at Dublin and Amsterdam. On-premises user take responsibility for their data security.

May I monitor employees remotely?

Yes. You can check employees results at any place with acess to the Internet.

How can I get PCLOGGER updates?

Cloud service users get the updates automatically and for free. On-premises users are informed via e-mail about the updates.

Are updates included?

Yes. Users get updates of PCLOGGER for free. New features are also included.

How you summarise the time when user is working at remote desktop?

PCLOGGER count working with remote desktop as time of application use. If you want to see what exacly is the employee doing at remote desktop - you should install PCLOGGER on server she/he connect with.

Employees are working using remote desktop. How many licences should I buy?

One licence for one device.

Can I get information at real time that employee is not active (no mause or keyboard clicks)?

At the moment that is not possible. Still, at 'History' tab you can check how much of computer ulogged time was 'active'( you can compare logged and active time).

Do the data transmission cause lags?

No, there's no delays. PCLOGGER stores the data at employee device and send it to server each 10 minutes.

PCLOGGER admin panel

Where I can see what websites employee visited?

After logging to admin panel - select the "Websites" tab and choose the employee and period you want to check.

Efficiency and active time- what is that?

Efficiency assess employees work-related engagement.

Efficiency indicator = (effective time+ (1/2)* neutral time)/active time

In others words - efficiency is % of real computer work time spend on needed activities.

Active time is employee engagement with working with computer.

Where can I set that website or process is neutral/positive/ negative?

At admin panel - select the 'Settings' tab and go to the Website or Applications dictionaries. Then you will see used applications and websites list and can choose the right status for them (negative/ neutral/ positive). Remember to go to the 'Efficiency' tab to click the 'Recalculate efficiency' button to update the results!

Do all employees have one dictionary?

Not necessary. You can define employees group with different dictionaries.

How to state that application is positive when I'm not familiar with its name?

Some applications are launched in a specific way and PCLOGGER shows the name of the process that starts it. Many system processes also have names that are not well-known. The best thing to do is to type unknown application name into web browser and search what could it be.

How does live screen capture looks like?

Live screen capture creates direct connection between admin and choosen device with PCLOGGER. Our server is only transmitting that connection - it doesn't save anything! Admin can save the screen view at his/her local directory by clicking "Save" button.

Does the PCLOGGER provide remote control of choosen device and running scripts/files on it?

PCLOGGER doesn't provide any of it.

Noted problems

Antivirus has blocked PCLOGGER. What can I do?

At that case - you should restore the pclwrk.exe and pclsvc.exe files from quarantine and add those to antivirus exceptions list.

The problem with connection to PCLOGGER server appear while installing.

The most probably cause is HTTP traffic blockade by firewall or antivirus. That blockade should be turned off or the should be added to exceptions list.