With PCLOGGER you will check when your team start working, when finish and how often they need to rest.

Safe employee computer monitoring software!

Just like the vision monitoring, computer monitoring is becoming a standard in professional companies. The awarness of being monitored change the employees approach to fullfiling duties. Simply awarness of monitoring can boost employees performance up to 20 percent point! That's not all. Computer monitoring can increase your data security significantly. Employee computer monitoring with PCLOGGER contains:

  • Automatic user activities logging - we track and save the action like open application and websites along with time spend on them an numbers of click user makes during such activities with differentation mouse to keyboard ones.
  • Remote screen capture - PCLOGGER provide employee screen live monitoring - just one click at PCLOGGER admin panel.
  • No-need-for-click backup - all of the data are saved automatically without any of yours or your employees action.

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