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Time tracking

Get automation while time tracking. Employees of yours won't need any forms to fill. Information about work start / end hours or amount of break time will be recorded by PCLOGGER automatically.

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Employee productivity tracking

Evaluate employees due to their engagement! PCLOGGER will calculate (0 to 100 % scale) how much of work time real employees duties take.

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Employee monitoring software

Stop waste your time controlling employees. Aim for things you are the best at. PCLOGGER will record employees acitivity data and you could use it when needed.

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Apps and Websites usage history

Want to know what is your team working on? Visited websites and used applications record will answer who, what and how long do on PC!

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PCLOGGER is much more than just
employees time tracking

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Mobile App

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All connections PCLOGGER make are encrypted.

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We use only certificated data centers.

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Monthly Annual (-25%)

  • standard box
  • Standard
  • Perfect for small businesses that want to begin professional team management with PCLOGGER.
  • 1,5 $

    / monthly
  • Subscription / Cloud Server
  • Status update on end of the day
  • 12 months data history
  • Reports
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  • onpremises box
  • Optimum
  • Ideal for large and medium-sized companies that value the cloud solutions.
  • 3 $

    / monthly
  • Subscription / Cloud Server
  • Status update every 20 minutes
  • Unlimited data history
  • Reports
  • Instant screen capture
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