After finishing the day's work you will receive a complete report summarizing the involvement of employees - not only data on the number of hours, but also about their active use. PCLOGGER allow you a quick response at the right time.


PCLOGGER guarantees you a real record time without having to implement additional tools - cards (RFID), attendance lists or check in with managers. Thus, you save your time and your money.

Better work

PCLOGGER software easily allows you to build standard of your company. Thanks to PCLOGGER data you will be able to exploit the full potential and better plan the day's work.


PCLOGGER allow you to share data about the involvement with your employees. Analyzing the progress of work and discussing them with team members, will make PCLOGGER the best motivating tool.

Innovative solutions
only available in PCLOGGER

We have for you the best software on the market!

Mobile app

Whether you are on a business trip, vacation, or work at home. With the mobile application you will be kept informed of the progress of your business, wherever you are.


PCLOGGER operates as a fully automated system that requires no user intervention. The program will start counting data when the employee turns on the computer.


We guarantee your employees that their privacy is respected. We certify fairly progressive company with PCLOGGER!

pclogger dashboard

Automatic alerts

You can not control everything. The software itself will warn you when the results of team members will fall and you will be able to peacefully carry out their tasks.


PCLOGGER guarantee the functioning round the clock, seven days a week. What's more, taken the data will be archived and you will be able at any place and time for them to return.


By installing PCLOGGER you will gain much more than hiring new managers. Daily reporting, observations to date, or system of alerts allow for huge savings.

I want PCLOGGER. What should I do?

Free registration

Be sure your decision. Test the free 30-day trial PCLOGGER. Just your e-mail address is needed to get started.



You are installing a specially dedicated for you PCLOGGER program on selected devices. Installation time is less than 1 minute.


The first information

After a few minutes in the admin dashboard appear the first data from your employees.



That same day you will receive a complete report of the working day in your business!


Our support has been appreciated by over 17,000 users.

"With the mobile application at any place and time, you become aware of who is in the company and on what at the moment is working. Figures and percentages in the administrative panel allows simple and quick assessment of how individual team members carry out their actions."
LM Consulting
"After installing the software, there is no need to manually enter hours, overtime, reports on progress - a program creates a timesheet and reports. Since we're using PCLOGGER we've noticed an increase in employees' awareness on how to plan and carry out their tasks."
Curulis - Doradztwo Samorządowe
"PCLOGGER responds to the needs of our agency, where we need to measure the effectiveness of the whole team. Very often I'm not in the company, which has a direct impact on me that it is difficult to objectively assess the level of employee involvement in projects. With PCLOGGER I receive an impartial report about who and how works."
Commercial Communications

Choose the best option for you!

  • Standard
  • Perfect for small businesses that want to begin with PCLOGGER.

  • / monthly
  • Subscription / Cloud Server
  • Status update once per day
  • 12 months source data history
  • Reports
  • --
  • Buy now!
  • Optimum
  • Ideal for large and medium-sized companies that value the cloud solutions.

  • / monthly
  • Subscription / Cloud Server
  • Status update every hour
  • Unlimited source data history
  • Reports
  • Instant screen capture
  • Buy now!
  • On-premises
  • Solution for big enterprises with own infrastructue.

  • / unlimited
  • License order / own server
  • Status updates every hour
  • Unlimited source data history
  • Reports
  • Instant screen capture
  • Buy now!

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